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NCS Catering

Caribbean Wedding Food

By February 10, 2020No Comments

Get an experience which is guaranteed to sizzle the taste buds and put a smile on everyone’s face, with the incredible catering packages available with Naomi’s wedding.

NCS Catering offers a number of delectable foods. Get your meal kicked off the right way with Home Made vegetable soup & rolls, as to whet the appetite. From there, we have wonderful meat dishes available, such as Lamb, Jerk chicken and even oxtail, served alongside your selection of rice and peas, roasted vegetables, salad and the like. If you’re a vegetarian, we have a number of fantastic homemade stew dishes and vegetables to get you satisfied.

For more fantastic options, check out our online menu.

Our team is both friendly and dedicated, and would love to be a part of your special day. With NCS Catering, you will be able to get an incredible unique experience with our authentic carribean wedding food. We’re more than ready to provide a 5-course banquet that’ll improve the energy of the room and spread cheer throughout your wedding reception.

If you have any special requests for the big meal on your special day, or simply want to get started experiencing all the sensations that carribean food supplies, get in touch with Naomi and her staff either by giving us a ring on: 07739 159143
Or alternatively, fill out the provided form on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.